LED Lighting

Great Lighting in Small Packages

The American Green Lights offer is simple, straightforward. We specialize-in / offer-only energy efficient lighting products head lined by our proprietary LED brand of products- PerformaLUX. High quality for performance and long life; a low cost structure for affordability and a quick payback on your investment. Think PerformaLUX for your facility’s next retrofit.

LED Benefits:

  • 50,000-120,000 hour lifetime expectations
  • Efficacy in the 100 range
  • Color Rendering capabilities in the 90 range
  • Instant-on / Instant Re-strike for occupancy sensor capability
  • Color Temperature from 2700K to 6000K matches the desired ambiance and visibility effect
  • High Power Factor Electronic Drivers for efficient, flicker-free operation
  • Directional lighting allows for uniquely efficient fixture designs
  • No mercury / toxic waste

Key LED Products:

Please click on link for detailed cut sheet:

1. PerformaLUX SHOP LITE ETL_CVRD Cut Sheet

2. PerformaLUX LED Refrofit Kit-DLC

3. PerformaLUX LED Refrigerator Refrofit Kit 10_30_12

4. PerformaLUX WET CERTIFIED Shop Light Cut Sheet

5. PerformaLUX COVE_BOX LIGHT Cut Sheet

6. PerformaLUX XG Module Shoebox Retrofit Kits 

7. PerformaLUX L PAR ES Series Energy Star

8. PerformaLUX L A19 ES Series Energy Star

9. PerformaLUX L MR16 ES Series Energy Star

10. AGL LED GX24 CFL Replace

11. LED Tubes BL-T8 Series

For additional information about LED lighting in general or American Green Lights LED products, please contact us via email- dave@customlightsolutions.com or call Dave Segerson 330.696.8606.