LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Great Lighting in Small Packages

LED or Light Emitting Diode lighting is the most exciting lighting technology to come along in decades. The solid-state lighting technology is energy-efficient with promises of next-generation improvements at rates similar to computers and other semiconductor products. With luminous flux approaching 100 lumens per watt with expectations of 200 plus lumens per watt in the foreseeable future, this exciting new technology needs to be prudently added to your existing light assortment. As with all products, variances in the quality of design, components and internal chemistry of the product spells the difference between an enjoyable or painful experience. Do your homework before committing your building to an inferior product.

Implemented with an informed knowledge base, diligence and caution. LEDs lifetime can vary based on proper heat dissipation, electricity current, LED chip quality, driver consistency and component lifetime, and many other factors. The new technology is ever rapidly changing. Tens of thousands of new factories are popping up every week in every part of the world. As such, reliability and performance can vary greatly. Insure that the proper standards, such as Lighting Facts, Energy Star, and Design Lights Consortium who certify the claims of manufacturers and assure product quality, are as claimed. American Green Lights’ PerformLUX LED lights exceed all the standards established and are certified by those organizations.

LED Benefits:

  • 50,000-120,000 hour lifetime expectations
  • Efficacy in the 100 range
  • Color Rendering capabilities in the 90 range
  • Instant-on / Instant Re-strike for occupancy sensor capability
  • Color Temperature from 2700K to 6000K matches the desired ambiance and visibility effect
  • High Power Factor Electronic Drivers for efficient, flicker-free operation
  • Directional lighting allows for uniquely efficient fixture designs
  • No mercury / toxic waste

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